Holiday Schedules

Lent/Easter Schedule

-- Ash Wednesday Worship Service
   6:30 PM on Wednesday 14-Feb-2024

-- Mid-week Lenten Worship Service
   6:30 PM on Wednesday's -
      21-Feb, 28-Feb, 06-Mar, 13-Mar, 20-Mar

-- Palm Sunday Worship Service
   9:00 AM on Sunday 24-Mar-2024

-- Maundy Thursday Worship Service
   6:30 PM on Thursday 28-Mar-2024

-- Good Friday Worship Service
   6:30 PM on Friday 29-Mar-2024

-- Prayer Vigil Service
   5:00 PM on Saturday 30-Mar-2024

-- Prayer Vigil
   6:00-11:00 PM on Saturday 30-Mar-2023

-- Easter Sunday Worship Service
   9:00 AM on Sunday 31-Mar-2024

Important Christian Dates During Lent

  • Ash Wednesday: 6 weeks of Lent begins; ashes represent repentance and death and mark a Lent as a time to recognize human faults and repent for sins
  • Palm Sunday: A week before Easter, commemorates Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem walking on palm branches before his Maundy Thursday arrest
  • Maundy Thursday: Represents the Last Supper, Jesus’ final dinner with his disciples before he was arrested
  • Good Friday: A solemn day signifying the execution of Jesus by crucifixion
  • Holy Saturday: People gather to mourn the loss of Jesus and Lent ends
  • Easter: The celebration of Jesus’ resurrection; the 50-day Easter season begins and ends on Pentecost, 7 Sundays later

Thanksgiving Schedule

-- Thanksgiving Eve Worship Service
   6:30 PM on Wednesday 22-Nov-2023

Advent/Christmas Schedule

-- Advent Worship Service
   6:30 PM on Wednesday's -
      29-Nov, 06-Dec, 13-Dec

-- Grace Choir Cantata
   6:30 PM on Wednesday 20-Dec-2023

-- Christmas Eve Worship Service
   9:00 AM on Sunday 24-Dec-2023 (Sunday Worship)
   5:00 PM on Sunday 24-Dec-2023 (Candlelight Service)

-- Christmas Day Worship Service
   10:00 AM on Monday 25-Dec-2023